stripper trick deck

tapered_deck_front.pngthe stripper deck

tapered marked card bonus...

If you’re an up-and coming magician or you want to buy an excellent gift for someone who is this is the deck of trick cards that you have been looking for, hands down!

With this deck you can do a bunch of the coolest card tricks and look like a pro doing them even if you’re just a beginner.  Seriously, this trick deck has to be seen and used to be appreciated fully.

The stripper deck is specially made so that the person doing the tricks can easily find the ‘right’ card just by feeling for it in what looks like a normal set of playing cards.  Finding one card or finding all 4 Aces, for example, are exceptionally easy but still look amazing to anyone who’s not aware of the secret that the trick deck holds.  

This special deck is a combination of a ‘Stripper’ deck that helps locate cards easily with special tapered cards but also doubles up as ‘Secret Marked Deck’ that’s right this deck that lets you perform all sorts of other cool, fun and even stunning card tricks that will really leave your audience floored.  It’s so well designed that even most adults are stunned by the results!

The deck comes with full instructions for many amazing tricks.  These can be used by younger folks but the truth is that they’re so well made an adult can (and do) easily use them too.

Many of the classic card tricks that people know and love can be performed with this excellent Trick Deck so if you’re looking for the best your search is over. Pick up a deck for yourself and one for someone you know who loves a little bit of magical fun.  We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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