svengali deck

svengali deck easy card trick to learn 

simple card trick for kids

svengali_kid.pngYour audience will love this classic card trick.

Display a standard deck of cards to the audience, then ask a spectator to cut the cards into two piles. Amazingly, the magician will predict the card before it's even revealed.

Impressed, the spectator replaces the card into the center of the deck. Magically, the card jumps back to the top.

Trying again, this time the entire deck changes into the spectator's card. Now they know there is a trick deck involved, but when you show them the deck again, it's right back to normal.

The Svengali deck is a classic beginner's card trick. Kids and adults will love it, and your audience will never know the secret.

Add this to you bag of tricks today. Learn magic today.

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