easy magic tricks

simple magic tricks for children

easy magic tricks for kids to learn

It may surprise you to learn that magic tricks performed by children are easier to learn than you may think. Imagine being the centre of attention at a party and entertaining all the family and your friends with an amazing appearing wand trick or the shrinking cats.

There are several magic tricks that are easy for kids to learn. Some of the magic tricks for kids require some very basic skill but if you can humour the adults then imagine what fun it is produce for friends and family at a party or just during a dinner party (when the kids are still allowed up of course!). There are many tricks that kids can do and all of them are easy to learn, simple to execute and entertaining to perform.

All the tricks we sale here are simple for children very easy to learn before you know it, your kids will be performing easy magic tricks to family and friends and maybe become the next Harry Potter.


appearing magic wand

magic appearing wand

great trick that keeps kids amused

the shrinking cat illusion

cats magic trick

this one will trick and fool the adults

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