16 easy magic tricks DVD

16 easy magic tricks using everyday objectskmt-dvd16magictricks.png

Have you ever wanted to be a magician? 

Now you can – and you don’t even need any special equipment!

This DVD will teach you how to do 16 easy tricks using everyday items that you’ll find lying around your house. You can have fun, baffle your friends and family, and perform some amazing magic using playing cards, jewellery, matchboxes, cups and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the tricks that you will learn to master:

Find the lady – Challenge one of your friends to find the Queen of Hearts from three face-down cards. This is a classic card trick that will fool your friends every time.

Reading your mind – Experience the magic yourself with this interactive trick. Follow the instructions and feel what it’s like to have your mind read at the same time!

The balancing glass – This trick will stun your audience as you seem to defy the laws of science by balancing a glass on the edge of a playing card.

The four ace trick – Some of the best magic tricks involve audience participation, where they think that everything’s random. Ask a spectator to split the deck into four different piles and mix them up – then watch their faces as you reveal an ace at the top of every stack.

The cups and balls – This is the most famous trick in the world! Use nothing more than a few everyday objects to make balls vanish, move, reappear and jump between cups.

Water to ice – Become a science whizz as you learn to take a cup of water and magically turn it into ice cubes! If any of your friends love the film Frozen, this is the perfect trick to show off your skills.

Matchbox prediction – Become a mind-reader and astound your audience as you reveal exactly what they’re thinking.

Jumping rubber band – Confuse your audience as you make an ordinary rubber band appear to jump right through your very own fingers! 

The vanishing coin – Borrow a coin from one of your onlookers and make it disappear right before their very eyes. This is one of the oldest and most impressive tricks in the book.

The haunted finger ring – Finish off your magical performance with a real showstopper! In this trick you can borrow a ring from a friend or family member, then make it jump up a rubber band.

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