nest of wallets

magic nest of wallets

simple magic tricks for children

Borrow a coin or a ringmagic_nest_of_wallets.png

Than make it vanish...

...and reappear inside a folded cloth, found inside a nest of three plastic wallets.

Imagine this scene: A young magician asks a volunteer for a ring, an earring or another easily identifiable small item. He or she taps the item with a small plastic wallet, and it vanishes before the eyes of the audience. Then, the magician turns the wallet over, opens it and reveals a second wallet. Inside of that wallet is a third smaller wallet. As the magician removes each piece, the audience moves closer and closer to the edges of their seats, becoming more and more intrigued by the trick. Finally, the smaller wallet is opened to reveal a simple, folded cloth. When this is opened, the volunteer's trinket is inexplicably found inside.

This unique triple wallet magic trick is guaranteed to astound and easy enough for even the youngest of magicians to perform with ease. Simple enough to be performed with a small group, but astounding enough to thrill a large audience, the triple nested wallet magic trick is a showstopper that will send shivers down the spines of audience members and thrill young magicians in the process.

The set includes everything necessary to pull off this professional quality trick: three plastic wallets, a cloth and instructions that detail how to pull off the illusion.  All of the pieces are of the absolute finest quality to add to the effect.

With very little practice, kids can easily master this trick and be ready to wow friends and family with their incredible feat. This trick is perfect for both beginners and more seasoned magicians alike and will soon become a favorite trick in any young magician's repertoire.

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