the wonder fool box

wonderfool_box1.pngthe wonder fool box

simple amazing magic puzzle box

effect: Very clever clear crystal box that is impossible to get into until you know the secret.

Some money or any other small item is put into the wonder fool box right in front of an audience. You can give the box to a spectator and ask them to remove the precious item from the box. Yet,  spectators can play with it for hours but cannot find the secret to open the box but in your hands it opens quickly and easily every time right in front of the spectator without giving away the secret.
This is very deceptive and very easy to use. once the secret is known you can perform in seconds.

the legend of the wonderfool box

Once upon a time a powerful magician about to be executed by the king was granted one last wish. He asked that he might be allowed to live as long a time as it took the king to open a glass box and remove a gold coin which was placed in it.

The king could never ever open the box in his life time and he ended up losing his throne, his queen and his mind.
The magician died peacefully of old age.

Since those times the mystery glass box has been banned and forgotten for centuries. The WONDER FOOL box is a modern version of the original. The money is there in it....but beware you will loose your mind trying to open the box.

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